Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethical procurement policy

The principles of ethical procurement underpin our approach to business. We expect the highest standards of honesty and integrity from all our employees, but especially from our procurement team, both in their dealings with colleagues and with suppliers. By adopting these standards and operating in a fair and reasonable manner, we aim to engender trust and respect from our partners and suppliers.

Our overarching commitment is to ensure that the goods and services we purchase are manufactured, delivered, used and disposed of in the most ethical way possible. This commitment means delivering on the following goals:

  • Encouraging supply chain innovation that promotes more sustainable behaviour
  • Encouraging ethical behaviour from all suppliers, which is supported by relevant systems and practices
  • Ensuring that there are no conflicts between the personal and official interests of employees, which could compromise integrity


We only work with suppliers and contractors that share our commitment to ethical practices and those that comply with all national and other applicable laws and regulations. Our aim is to develop professional partnerships with suppliers that support our approach and work with them to minimise any environmental and social impacts throughout the supply chain.

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